BHO Development

BHO, Browser Helper Object, is a DLL module created as a plug-in for the Internet Explorer browser. These add-ons widen the browser’s scope in terms of functionalities by providing an option to customize the browsers for its user. Browser Helper Object is a straight forward way to customize your web browser, as a standard web browser is just the parsing engine of the browser. This means there still remains a number of User Interface related tasks for you to do: adding an address bar, toolbar, history, status bar, channels, and favorites, just to name a few.

Genie-Toolbar has strong expertise in the BHO development technology through extensive research and comprehensive study. Because of which, our sizable and experienced team has the capability to come up with cutting edge BHO development solutions using the Browser Helper Objects development technology. Availing customized BHO service is just a few steps away with Genie-Toolbar. We have an enviable experience in just about any web application development technology, which in turn increase and proves our expertise. With hands-on almost every technology,
we have an experienced BHO developers who will serve you the best, without any doubt, in the industry. Our list of top-notch clients vividly demonstrates our potential in the fields of technology.

  • Advertisements based on user’s:
  1. web surfing habits
  2. language
  3. geographical location
  • Context menu handlers.
  • Error handlers to monitoring web events.
  • URL Redirection for Errors.
  • Keywords detection on web pages and conversion to clickable links.
  • Track the websites and show the popup-under and create the light box for the browsers.
  • Provide the Stock market updation with the toolbar.
  • Update the weather activities and show in toolbar.