Chrome Plugins Development

Google chrome is a web browser developed by Google using 25 different code libraries from Google and third parties like Netscape Portable Runtime, Network Security Services, NPAPI, SQLite and other open-source projects. Owing to its application performance, JavaScript processing speed, stability and a few other unique features, the number of its users has risen considerably ever since its release. And as a result, statistics reveal that its present market share stands at around 7%.

No doubt that chrome is one of the simplest, attractive, and fastest browsers today. Genie Toolbar pioneered in developing toolbars and plug-ins for Google Chrome. After, many years of research and development. Genie Toolbar has extensive range of fully-functional toolbars and plug-ins for Google Chrome. Apart from fully-functional Chrome toolbars and plug-ins, we develop customized toolbar and plug-ins as per your and your company’s need.

Google Chrome did not have an extension capability earlier and that was the major reason where Chrome failed to reach maximum users in spite of being one of the best browsers. However, this situation did not last long and now there are varieties of plug-ins/toolbars being developed to extend the functionality of your favorite browser Google Chrome.

If you want to hire an expert Chrome plug-in developer, you are at a right place. Get the plug-in/toolbars developed for Google Chrome with attractive designs, customized tools, and latest technology. Custom toolbar/plug-in development at Genie Toolbar is a few clicks’ task.

Our Chrome plug-ins/toolbar development offers:

  • Add blocker
  • Allow Greasemonkey script of Chrome
  • Page Rank and Alexa Rank checker
  • Facility to download YouTube videos from your Chrome browser
  • Bookmark favorite web pages
  • Translator: It helps translate pages from any language to English
  • Posting Blog
  • Dictionary
  • Username and Password recovery tool
  • and much more…