Firefox has been a huge success among internet users owing to its user-friendly and customizable graphical user interface (GUI), and its security features. Firefox also provides a host of functionalities to its users which other web browsers do not. All this culminated into an increased user satisfaction and propelled it forward. Firefox is primarily based on the XUL (XML User Interface Language) technology and its extensions can be built on this very same technology with zero dependence on operating systems (OS).

Firefox is the most popular and fastest growing web browser in internet, having fully customizable GUI and great Security features. The best way to be available to users when they surfing internet is as a Plug-in to the web browser. Firefox has the most ways to customize online experience specifically for the way users use the web.Firefox framework is mostly based on XUL (Cross Platform User Interface Language), CSS, Java Script and XPCOM (Cross Platform Component Object Modeling Language) that’s why it is the best choice for developing Cross Platform Support Products, Applications, Plug-ins development.
Firefox Plug-ins can be developed Operating system independently so that they can work on any of Windows, Linux and in Mac Operating systems. Based on the need verity kind of Plug-ins and customization available in Firefox, which is explained below:

GenieToolbar have expertise in:

  • Firefox Plug-ins Development
  • Firefox Toolbar Development
  • Firefox Sidebar Development

Firefox framework integration

Firefox framework is mostly based XUL, CSS, Java Script and XPCOM, which are Platform independent that’s why Firefox framework can be integrated with any platform, any framework and with any APIs seamlessly to make highly customizable and great features.

Almost all other APIs, Gadgets, Widgets, Feeds and cool AJAX features can be integrated with Firefox, some examples are given below:-

  • Google Maps APIs
  • Google Calendar APIs
  • GTalk Messenger Gadgets
  • Facebook APIs
  • My Space APIs
  • eBay APIs
  • eBay Product feeds
  • Weather Information Feeds
  • Horoscope Feeds
  • News feeds
  1.   1. Skins – Personalize your toolbar with skins that suit your mood and personality.
  2.   2. Buttons – User defined addition/deletion/modification of as many tabs as required.
  3.   3. API Based Toolbar Operations – Options to integrate with any other products and provide dynamic display of content.
  4.   4. Search box features – An array of search engines to choose from and incorporate within the toolbar.
  5.   5. Drag & Drop Files/Folders – Drag and drop feature to manage files, folders and shortcuts.
  6.   6. Plug-ins – Publishing user designed and defined plug-ins.
  7.   7. Alerts – Get the latest updates of all the things happening across the globe.
  8.   8. Popup – Options to block the popup menu.
  9.   9. eBay – Displays product information based on user preference and generate the RSS.
  10. 10. Customize toolbar – User can easily customize the toolbar and set its own buttons and urls for redirection.
  11. 11. GMailTool – It fetches inbox, outbox, unread, draft mail count and displays in the Toolbar and directly allow to execute the gmail page without enter the login details in webpage.