Internet Explorer Toolbar Development

We have developed technology proficiency in niche segments like Custom Toolbar Development, toolbar development services and toolbar programming. Application of these expertise segments in the field of toolbar development for Microsoft’s popular Internet Explorer or IE browser has reaped rich results for us. With dedicated technology skill-sets focused towards design and development of complex solutions like
dynamically changing toolbars at runtime and simple one-button toolbars, we have a solution to all customer requirements.

  1. 1. Custom IE Toolbar Development IE plugins:
    We possess the requisite skills for custom IE toolbar development & IE plugins development along with specialized proficiency in other areas of Windows and Internet Explorer type development. Extensive research and development has been invested into expertise that has culminated into evolution of dynamic toolbars which auto-format based on server side stimuli. These stimuli can have various forms such as remote XML files, scripts, documents or any other generic content permitting dynamic runtime changes to be reflected on the toolbar.
  2. 2. IE plugins Development:
    We excel at designing customized IE plugins that augment the capabilities of the vastly popular browser. Plug-ins when customized and tuned perfectly, enhance user experience providing them access to personalized content and products. Stricter security controls, reduced search times and catering to varied entertainment needs are some of the positive effects of the ingenious use of plugins.
  3. 3. Carved a niche for ourselves in developing toolbars for IE:-
    The upgraded version of our vastly popular “Genie Toolbar” boasts of advanced features and provides seamless integration with custom controls. Built on a robust yet highly flexible architecture, Genie Toolbar empowers both the general users and the developer community to customize this versatile application. Featuring innovative dropdown menus, scrolling windows, animated buttons, search text boxes and radio controls, Genie Toolbar is compatible for all IE versions including the latest version (IE 6.0, IE 7, IE 8.0 and IE 9).

Some of the new and innovative features of Genie-Toolbar are as follows:-
  1.   1. Skins – Personalize your toolbar with skins that suit your mood and personality.
  2.   2. Buttons – User defined addition/deletion/modification of as many tabs as required.
  3.   3. API Based Toolbar Operations – Options to integrate with any other products and provide dynamic display of content.
  4.   4. Search box features – An array of search engines to choose from and incorporate within the toolbar.
  5.   5. Drag & Drop Files/Folders – Drag and drop feature to manage files, folders and shortcuts.
  6.   6. Plug-ins – Publishing user designed and defined plug-ins.
  7.   7. Alerts – Get the latest updates of all the things happening across the globe.
  8.   8. Popup – Options to block the popup menu.
  9.   9. eBay – Displays product information based on user preference and generate the RSS.
  10. 10. Customize toolbar – User can easily customize the toolbar and set its own buttons and urls for redirection.
  11. 11. GMailTool – It fetches inbox, outbox, unread, draft mail count and displays in the Toolbar and directly allow to execute the gmail page without enter the login details in webpage.