Our Products

Genie Toolbar provide the Toolbar for IE and Firefox for Demo purpose which have following features with their screenshot :-
  1. Default Toolbar with login Section

    When Genie Toolbar software is installed user has to login the Genie Toolbar to view the toolbar. For Login user has to click Sign In button which is shown in the picture.

  2. XML Based Dynamic Toolbar development

    Genie Toolbar is developed based on XML and all GUI elements (Buttons, Dropdown buttons, menus and submenus, plug-ins, search box) are coming dynamically from XML, Based on XML toolbar GUI will be displayed on the fly

  3. Toolbar with Multiple Toolbar in DropDown

    The Genie Toolbar can contain n number of Toolbar in its First Menu Drop Down. User can create
    new Toolbar by Selecting Add Toolbar Menu Option and Create its own Data in that Toolbar and
    dynamically select the Toolbar and Set as default to any Toolbar

  4. API Based Toolbar Operations

    Genie Toolbar can be integrated with any other products and dynamically display your own content
    easily because it is entirely based on XML and API based integration.The entire toolbar development is API based like Add/modify/remove buttons/menus/submenus and adding/modifying/removing toolbars and toolbar logos.
    And all remaining settings like Skin settings, Plug-ins data settings and Toolbar Logo display.


  5. Logo Support for Toolbar

    Genie Toolbar can display Logo for Toolbar which indicate your own brand of Logo.

  6. Search box features

    Search box with selected search engine Logo

    Multiple search engines option and user can select and make specific search engine as default
    Search box with Search History and Clear History options

  7. Skinnable Toolbar

    Genie Toolbar have multiple colorful and lite wait Skins support, user can create and use Skins
    of thire choice by using the Settings Drop Down Menu.

  8. Rearrange Toolbar Buttons

    Toolbar button positions can be rearranged by simple drag & drop to required position. You can see below the SpiceJet Flight Button is Rearranged from Right to Left by using mouse dragging and dropping

  9. Drag & Drop Files, Folders and URLs Shortcuts

    User can Drag & drop Files, Folders,URLs and Bookmarks to Toolbar, those shortcuts will
    automatically added to Toolbar as toolbar Buttons.

  10. Popup Blocker for Toolbar

    Toolbar have a Popupblocker button for Popup blocker On/Off and for all other popupblocker settings likepopups blocked/allowed site settings.

  11. Plug-in adding support for Toolbar

    API and XML based Third party Plug-ins integration with Toolbar, toolbar will read Plug-in Icon, Button name and menus information for Plug-in and it display information dynamically .
    Genie Toolbar have some plug-ins like eBay, YouTube

  12. Toolbar Dynamic Settings

    User have full control on toolbar to change settings like Skin settings, Popup blocker settings, Toolbar Logo Settings, Plug-in setings and Alert Settings.
    These settings will dynamically applied to all instances of Toolbars.

  13. Varity of GUI Combinations Genie Toolbar support:
    1. a. Text Butons
    2. b. Image Buttons
    3. c. Text & Image Buttons
    4. d. Dropdown Butons with menu
    5. e. Menus and Sub Menus
    6. f. Search Box with History
  14. Multiple Level Menus and Sub Menus with Icons

    A dynamic XML and API based Toolbar and Menu and Sub menus with images support

  15. Toolbar Button with Tooltip Display

    Button Tool tip help user to know the functionality OR the action OR about the Button

  16. Different varities of Toolbar Buttons display

    Toolbar buttons display with different visual styles with the combination of Text and Image and as Simple button or as with Drop down button.

  17. Customised Chevron Display Support

    With the help of our customised cheveron support it can display more buttons as menu

  18. GMailTool

    With the help of our GMailTool, we can configure many gmail accounts to get unread inbox mail count. The list will show all configured gmail accounts with there no. of unread mails. We can reflect gmail account for the gmail toolbar by just selecting gmail entry and clicking “show on toolbar” button. The inbox count will refresh time
    interval as configured in GMailNotifier window

    Gmail Settings - Provides User Interface(‘E-Mail Notifier Settings’) for configuring gmail account in toolbar
    Refresh – Refresh unread mail count.
    Inbox – Shows inbox button with unread mail count & used to redirect to ‘Inbox’ of the gmail account.
    Outbox – Used to redirect to ‘OutBox’ of the gmail account.
    Draft – Used to redirect to ‘Draft’ of the gmail account


    • ‘Add’ button provides UI for adding gmail account entry.
    • ‘Edit’ button provides UI for editing selected gmail account entry.
    • ‘Delete’ button deletes selected gmail account entry.
    • Auto refresh frequency shows in minutes for refreshing unread inbox mail count.
    • ‘Show on toolbar’ button on click , reflects the gmail account on toolbar.
  19. Email Utility-(UI interface for Adding & Editing gmail account entry)


  20. If user checks the ‘Auto Login’ feature , gmail tool will prompt for confirmation of password.
  21. (*) AutoLogin – If auto loging fearture is enabled and if user click on ‘Inbox’ button of toolbar , the user will automatically login to inbox of the gmail account.