Our team of Internet professionals develops fully functional, highly interactive toolbar for entrepreneurs,companies and portals, which automatically become an asset to any business. Using our wide range of experience and the latest toolbar development technologies, we will focus on managing your web project from conceptualization and creation to full toolbar development and implementation. We offer following toolbar development services:

Building Services :

Determined to reach your target market, meet company goals and sales strategies, we will develop
a dynamic toolbar and web site to enhance your particular business needs. Our Building Services offerings include:

  • Toolbar building services
  • Custom Firefox/IE/Chrome/Safari/Opera/Netscape Components
  • Custom Integration with your existing server set-up
  • Typical IE Components, ActiveX and Stealth Appltn Development
  • Click- Stream Analysis Solution
  • Toolbar Modification/Customization Services
  • Exe Building and Report Generation Services

Custom Programming :

We develop Custom IE /IE/Safari/Netscape/Opera/Chrome Toolbars, Search Toolbars, Deskbar and Search Plug-ins like Google Toolbar and Yahoo Companion. We provide Custom Toolbar solutions that suit your needs and requirements. Our development charge per hour is only 10 USD/hour. If you have any Internet custom programming needs contact our sales team with your requirements.

Source Code :

Also a complete source code of Genie-Toolbar software is available for sale with exclusive reseller rights. If you are interested in procuring fully documented Genie-Toolbar software, please contact our sales team.