XUL Development

In context of computer programming XUL signifies itself as an intrinsic programming language for web development.XUL is usually called as “ZooL” between the developers and it’s actually very easy to use XML markup language interface works in multi-platform applications such as Mozilla Firefox and Flock browsers. XML is developed by the Mozilla project….

The implementation of the “ZooL” or XUL is fully compatible with the Gecko rendering engine equipped.

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Genie Toolbar developed Desktop application in XUL which contains the following features and it works in Windows and MAC OS.

The feature lists and there modules of XUL Desktop application are as follows:-

  1.   1. Video Module
  2.   2. Music Module
  3.   3. Online TV Module
  4.   4. Calendar Module
  5.   5. Share Module
  6.   6. File Management Module
  7.   7. P2P File Transfer Module
  8.   8. P2P File Search and Download Module
  9.   9. Browser Module
  10. 10. Chat Module
  11. 11. Friends Module
  12. 12. Group Module
  13. 13. RSS Feed Module
  14. 14. Photo Module